How to renew an Indian Passport in the US

There is a structured way which you can follow which starts with filling out a new passport application form in order to renew your passport. The normal processing time is somewhere around 3 weeks. Adults are eligible for ten years of new passport issuance whereas minors (those under 18) for a period of five years. Moreover, your old passport is given back to you and you won't have any of your valid visas removed from your passport.

How to renew an Indian Passport in the US

Process of Renewal

VFS Global handles all the services related to Indian Passport. Individual Indian consulates do not look after services related to passports directly anymore. For the purpose of renewing an Indian passport, all correspondence and applications must go through VFS Global. 

Here is the Step-by-Step Guide on how you can renew your Indian passport while in the US.

Step 1: Application- Whether applying in person or by mail, all applicants for passport-related activities must fill out an online form, steps of which are mentioned here. A copy of the form must be included with the application. This will allow for the apps' real-time tracking by VFS.

Step 2: Consular Jurisdiction- From the applicable processing time, fees payable, details of the addresses to the information of the jurisdiction on the basis of your residence in the USA, this contains all the relevant information that you might need for processing your Indian passport renewal. Refer to the below links for individual consular jurisdiction details.
Washington D.C.
New York
San Francisco

Step 3:List of Documents required for renewal of Indian passport in the US- All the documents that are required have to be submitted in either FedEx or an UPS envelope only. No other form of submission is acceptable and these envelopes cannot be altered in any form whatsoever.

Note- Only ONE application per envelope should be there. In case of multiple applications in the envelope, it will be considered rejected.